Audition Philippines CBT Video Tribute

A video tribute to the 1st year anniversary of Audition Philippines created by youjeeen. It's been a year since the Closed Beta Test, it's been a year since we all played together. Many came from AuditionSEA (South-East Asia), many were first time players, but Audition-PH gathered as all together and gave us all fun and enjoyed the company of each other through an online dancing game.

Here are the faces behind those CBT players who were the Pioneers of Audition Philippines.

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AuditionUS - Song List

AuditionUS - Song List
as of April 7, 2007 Saturday (ACT [ASEAN Common Time])

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Audition Dance Battle - US version

If you don't know it yet, the hottest craze in the world, and truly one of the games competing head-on with World of Warcraft, has now landed on US shores - Audition Dance Battle US is now open for well, Audition.

Nexon US is the publisher for the US version of Audition, and I must say that, as someone who's living in the Philippines, influenced by both the Western and Eastern world, it is a good break and change to hear familiar English songs from Audition.

Go check it out, download it, and see you in-game!

AuditionUS Official Website

Oh, use Internet Explorer 6 or 7, the site is using ActiveX control ;) It's the "Korean"-way of launching online games, get used to it.

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More new stuff & sounds for better dance groovin

Audition just keeps getting better and better! This time around, we’re bringing in more of the good stuff for your online dancing pleasure! Make your avatar stand out on the dance floor with these new fashion picks that will surely complement your stylish dance moves.

Female Avatar (click to view!)
Face - Clear Sky 8 EP
Hair - Pink Capped Hair 57 EP
Top - Printed Tank Top 46 EP
Bottom - Ensemble Shorts 20 EP
Shoes - Ensemble Shoes 57 EP

Male Avatar (click to view!)
Face - Blush Blush 8 EP
Hair - Punk 34 EP
Top - Trendy Orange Jumper 46 EP
Bottom - Trendy Black Chained Pants 31 EP
Shoes - Formal Shoes 8 EP

And because we know Audistas are musically inclined gamers, so we’re adding more dance tracks to the Music Gallery. Sweet! Now you can synchronize your moves and start dancing to these awesome Kpop tunes.

New Songs
Jewelry - Aged 1492 112BPM
Jewelry - How Are You 110BPM
Ji Yoon Park - Steal Away 101BPM
Jung Hyun Lee - I'll Give 142 BPM
Sharp - That's All Right 118BPM

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Be a "Couple" Officially!

Propose to your partner during this Valentine’s Day!
Wait no more as Couple Proposal is finally here in AuditionSEA! This Valentine, propose to your partner and officially declare yourselves as a couple!

There are 2 methods to be registered as a couple.
Method 1:
1. Purchase Love Potion in the Fashion Mall (both partners must have the love potion in their possession)
2. Create a game room in Couple Dance Mode.
3. At the end of the game, click on “Couple Proposal” button available on the top left of the score chart
4. Congratulations! You and your partner are officially a couple in AuditionSEA!

Method 2:
1. Create a game room in Couple Dance Mode.
2. Earn 5 hearts or above during the gameplay.
3. At the end of the game, click on “Couple Proposal” button available on the top left of the score chart
4. Congratulations! You and your partner are officially a couple in AuditionSEA!

Now of course, what's the point of being a Couple?

Couple Competition

Organize your very couple competitions with this mode. Each game room is only accessible in the respective level-restricted channels.

There are no game room hosts in this mode and the music selection is always set at random. At the end of each round, the top 3 couple winners will be crowned 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively and will be awarded with medals for their performance


Competition server – Couple Competition channel

Date: Everyday
Time: 10:00PM

Minimum 32 pairs and Maximum 200 pairs

Mode: Couple mode 4 direction (Chance allowed)

1st 100,000 DEN 2nd 50,000 DEN 3rd 30,000 DEN

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Valentine's Day patch for AuditionSEA

Valentine's Day patch for AuditionSEA

Boy VS Girl Battle
Battle it out with the opposite gender in our Boy VS Girl Battle! This battle will only be activated when there are equal number of boys and girls in the stage arena under any versus mode. Have a good laugh in this battle as the losing team will be transformed into penguins!

NPC Team Battle Party
NPC Battle Party will never be boring with this new NPC Team Battle Party! 3 NPCs will be waiting for you to challenge them! There will be 3 rounds to clear and in order to proceed with each round, you and your friends will need to defeat every NPC.

Couple Dance – Couple Party for 3!
Couple Dance Mode has always been 1 couple VS 1 couple. This time, 3 couples will be able to dance together on the dance floor, competing for the win!

New Item – Initialize the battle party
Getting lesser and lesser dens after challenging the same NPCs again and again in NPC Battle Party Mode? Get the latest cash item, Initialize the battle party and reset all the NPC dens to the original dens as if you have joined NPC Battle Party for the first time!

Here’s how:
1) Purchase “Initialize the battle party” item in the Fashion Mall, under “Accessories”
2) Go to “My Items”
3) Select “Initialize the battle party” item and click on “USE” located on the bottom left.

Please take note that “Initialize the battle party” item is available for one-time usage only per account.

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Audition Online Dance Battle breaks 700,000 Peak Concurrent Users in China

According to The Electronic Times Internet, Korean-made Multiplayer Online Casual Game or MOCG Audition Online Dance Battle breaks 700,000 Peak Concurrent Users (PCU) in China. Audition Online China is being published by 9you.com, developed by T3 Entertainment and being distributed by Yedang Entertainment (the developer of Priston Tale and Priston Tale 2).

Audition Online is currently open beta in the Philippines, being published by IP e-Games Ventures, Inc. or e-Games Philippines. Audition-PH is enjoying continued growth and popularity among Filipino gamers, specially to the kids and the kids-at-heart.

( Via PlayNoEvil )

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Applying Principles and Virtues on Guild Management

I wrote an article "On Guild Management" which I highly recommend to all aspiring Guild Leaders (GL) and those who already are. The first few minutes after I posted it, I've been receiving good feedbacks via YM, mobile, and even landline calls! But the best way to prove that is for you to read it.

To quote one, a GM of Mobius Online Games (mobius.ph): (translated to English) "It is a good read for guild management because it does not have the complexities of the other guild guides, additionally, it is easy to remember and principles kicks-a**."

Go read it by clicking here.


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AuditionPH 1st Competition Game Videos

Here are the in-game video of the 1st Competition of Audition Philippines.

Read: AuditionPH 1st Competition

* If you have an AuditionPH client, download the video zip file and unzip it to the "RECDATA" folder of your Audition installation (usually C:/Program Files/e-Games/Audition/RECDATA/). NOTE: This one have four video files.
-> Zip File for AuditionPH Client.

* If you want to watch it via YouTube, now...
Finals 1st Match

Finals 2nd Match

* If you want to watch it in a high-res video using your favorite video player download the zip files below:
-> Finals 1st Match (HighRes)
-> Finals 2nd Match (HighRes)

~~First Video Details~~
BGM: Audition "Driving At Night" (random setting)
Speed: 140bpm
Mode: Choreography

~~Second Video Details~~
BGM: Audition "3254 Techno Party" (random setting)
Speed: 142bpm
Mode: Choreography


Also read: AuditionPH 1st Competition

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Audition Philippines 1st Competition

On the 19th of November, 2006, 5 in the afternoon of Sunday, Audition Philippines (AuditionPH) held its first AuditionPH Contest. It was held on the last day of the Hataw! Hanep! HERO! Anime Convention where the game's Philippine publisher is the top sponsor/partner.

There were thirty players who signed up, enough to create five groups for the elimination round (six players each group). The elimination round setup was Normal Individual mode with a Random (Easy) song setting.

The winners for the quick elimination (in the alphabetical order): ayachii, DDRmaniac, Naksyo, orlanix, and Seraphim (yours truly). Then the finals...

The final round was setup in the Choreography mode with the song setting of Random All. Winners are taken if they acquire two wins. After that, all "win" scores are reset and the second winner is again taken with two wins, until there are a total of three winners.

The first winner is ayachii, winning two consecutive wins. It was a tough game as we both beat each other up from the number one spot (in-game), and with the contestants already "stiffy" because of cold hands, not that its so cold in the event area, but the battle is heating that our blood started to cool down, wait that's contradictory, anyway, you get the picture.

The second winner is Seraphim, or me ;) and the third winner is orlanix.

Congratulations to ayachii and orlanix and the rest of the brave AuditionPH contestants, we made one heck of a show that put Audition Philippines quickly to the top.

See you all in-game !!

You can watch the match videos I was able to send to my email, as well as see some pictures my supportive and sweet honey Sherlene took.

(I will be posting the videos tomorrow.)

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