How to Battle the NPCs?

Here are some of the tricks players have confirmed when having a Battle with the NPCs.

1) Continous misses or if there are two or more players who miss at the same time, the NPC starts to do Perfect Chains, which is deadly to most.

2) The use of "Chance" must yield Perfect combos for it to be effective. Non-perfect Chances are useless.

3) The DJ must not use "Chance" or the NPC will also use "Chance" with a higher percentag of getting Perfect Chains as well.

If you win, the your total score is the Den reward you will get. Competiting with the NPC is very fun and challenging. For one, it requires lots of Perfect Chain combos, and two, it requires a good group of players.

So go login and defeat those NPCs!!

PS. This is the best way to acquire thousands of Dens - if you win that is.


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