Launching Dancing to Audition Blog

I am launching this new blog entitled "Dancing to Audition", dedicated to the casual game that is taking away my time from playing World of Warcraft and Guild Wars - yes you read that right.

This blog will concentrate mainly on things related to Audition and 'dancing related to Audition', as well as music! Of course, music is an integral part of this game and of dancing.

So I hope you'll enjoy this blog as much as you enjoy playing Audition Online Dance Battle.

Why did I chose blogger.com when I can host my own blog? Well, to test out the new Blogger Beta. And by that, there will be changes from this blog's code as I learn more of the new Blogger template (which is in XML). So far, this is the first skin I converted from the old Blogger template to the new blogger template - not yet complete but it is functional.

And this blog will stay here - even after testing is done with Blogger Beta, so don't fret, I'm not going to move this blog :D


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Welcome to Dancing to Audition


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