My first Perfect x9 Combo

I am very happy today that I got my first Perfect x9 Combo. Now my next objective is to go x10 or more. Slowly practicing my Perfects, 8k (ie 8keys), and Chance mode.

I also made a lot of Den today because of consecutive Perfects and wins with the NPC Challenge. Now I don't want to leave AuditionSEA but sadly the time is nearing for me to move to AuditionPH.

Anyway, here's the screenshot.

(Note: I posted 2 screenshots, 1 from C|Net's WebShots and the other one from Yahoo!'s Flickr. I am testing out which is better in terms of picture uploading and user interface.)

Image hosted by Webshots.com
by Laibcoms

Audition Online Dance Battle - NPC challenge


Aj Velarde said...

So,GM-Xue, any plans on GM-ing pAU?

Laibeus Lord said...

That depends on e-Games Philippines if they want veteran GM/CM in their ranks ;)


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