AuditionPH 1st Competition Game Videos

Here are the in-game video of the 1st Competition of Audition Philippines.

Read: AuditionPH 1st Competition

* If you have an AuditionPH client, download the video zip file and unzip it to the "RECDATA" folder of your Audition installation (usually C:/Program Files/e-Games/Audition/RECDATA/). NOTE: This one have four video files.
-> Zip File for AuditionPH Client.

* If you want to watch it via YouTube, now...
Finals 1st Match

Finals 2nd Match

* If you want to watch it in a high-res video using your favorite video player download the zip files below:
-> Finals 1st Match (HighRes)
-> Finals 2nd Match (HighRes)

~~First Video Details~~
BGM: Audition "Driving At Night" (random setting)
Speed: 140bpm
Mode: Choreography

~~Second Video Details~~
BGM: Audition "3254 Techno Party" (random setting)
Speed: 142bpm
Mode: Choreography


Also read: AuditionPH 1st Competition

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Audition Philippines 1st Competition

On the 19th of November, 2006, 5 in the afternoon of Sunday, Audition Philippines (AuditionPH) held its first AuditionPH Contest. It was held on the last day of the Hataw! Hanep! HERO! Anime Convention where the game's Philippine publisher is the top sponsor/partner.

There were thirty players who signed up, enough to create five groups for the elimination round (six players each group). The elimination round setup was Normal Individual mode with a Random (Easy) song setting.

The winners for the quick elimination (in the alphabetical order): ayachii, DDRmaniac, Naksyo, orlanix, and Seraphim (yours truly). Then the finals...

The final round was setup in the Choreography mode with the song setting of Random All. Winners are taken if they acquire two wins. After that, all "win" scores are reset and the second winner is again taken with two wins, until there are a total of three winners.

The first winner is ayachii, winning two consecutive wins. It was a tough game as we both beat each other up from the number one spot (in-game), and with the contestants already "stiffy" because of cold hands, not that its so cold in the event area, but the battle is heating that our blood started to cool down, wait that's contradictory, anyway, you get the picture.

The second winner is Seraphim, or me ;) and the third winner is orlanix.

Congratulations to ayachii and orlanix and the rest of the brave AuditionPH contestants, we made one heck of a show that put Audition Philippines quickly to the top.

See you all in-game !!

You can watch the match videos I was able to send to my email, as well as see some pictures my supportive and sweet honey Sherlene took.

(I will be posting the videos tomorrow.)

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Audition Dance Battle Philippine Dance Tour Competition

You up to the task of dance floor domination? Then strut your stuff to the biggest and widest tour in Casual Gaming!

Here are the dates and places where you can watch and join the Nationwide Audition (Online) Dance Battle Philippine Dance Tour Competition.

November 24, 2006 (Friday): SM Megamall, SM Manila, SM Sucat
December 3, 2006 (Sunday): SM Cagayan de Oro
December 10, 2006 (Sunday): SM Cebu
December 17, 2006 (Sunday): SM Iloilo
January 6, 2007 (Saturday): SM Batangas
January 13, 2007 (Saturday): SM North EDSA
January 19, 2007 (Friday): SM Mall of Asia
January 21, 2007 (Sunday): SM Davao
January 26, 2007 (Friday): SM Baguio

See you all there!!

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R U Worthy?

But the fun doesn’t stop there. To celebrate the nationwide launch, E-Games is announcing the exciting Audition: Dance Battle Contest. Running from late November to January 2007, this contest will enjoin participants to strut their stuff in a limited time by joining a simulation of the game in real life through a dance competition with a 2-stage, stepladder format (elimination round and finals). This will be complemented by a school promotional blitz during the aforementioned period that will lead up and culminate into the mall events. The dance contest will be open to individuals as well as school dance groups who will be invited during the school promotional tour in the coming weeks.

If you think you’ve got the moves, and the passion of a born dancing star, then join the Audition: Dance Battle Contest! Great prizes and bragging rights await winners and the schools participating in the event!

So bring the whole barkada, family and community with you at the E-Games booth at the World Tarde Center, and prepare to experience the best in virtual dance fun!

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Audition sets up the stage at Hataw! Hanep! Hero!

Audition: Dance Battle, the latest online casual game released by e-Games Philippines, will prop up the stage and turn on the music for its grand launch at Hataw! Hanep! Hero! on November 18 and 19 at the World Trade Center in Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

As part of Hero TV’s anniversary affair, e-Games Philippines will treat its loyal gamers to an open beta test of Audition at the said event, giving them a preview on what to expect about the game, as well as other exciting contests and activities.

Audition: Dance Battle is the ultimate gaming experience for dance aficionados, who enjoy grooving to the beat of fun and funky dance hits. Not only does the game feature the hippest dance moves, gamers can also look forward to character customization as well as the trendiest animation and graphics that are sure to be eye candy material.

R U Worthy?

In anticipation for the open beta launch of the game, participants will be given the chance to have a limited five minutes access to play Audition within the e-Games booth. Simulated Audition backdrops will also be available for photo shoots. Those who will purchase prepaid cards will get a free photo shoot, as well as five minutes of gaming access to Audition.

e-Games will also have its own stage which will simulate the look and feel of the dance game, with the characters itself used as part of the stage design. They will also launch Audition: Dance Battle Contest, a showdown will test the prowess of dancing individuals with a two-stage, stepladder format (for elimination and final rounds). Great prizes and bragging rights await winners.

To kick up the activities a notch higher, the 2006 World Hip Hop Champions, All Stars will likewise make an appearance during the event to endorse the online dance game. Meanwhile, rock bands from EMI Records will play the hottest OPM hits for everyone.

The event also marks launch of the E-Games nationwide dance competition, which will be held in several SM malls. Participating students from various schools also stand a chance to win computers for their institutions. The contest will run from late November to January 2007. Prizes up for grabs include Samsung and Creative MP3s, cameras and cash prizes of up to PHP 5,000.

But there are more than just these exciting activities. Attendees can also expect to get their regular fix of RAN Online and O2Jam games in the e-Games booth. There will also be raffles for RAN and O2Jam premium items for lucky participants.

So if you think you’re up for the challenge, head to the World Trade Center in Manila this coming Saturday and Sunday and be prepared to Audition for the coolest online game to hit the local scene. Just present your e-Games prepaid card to enjoy all these activities and more.

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Audition Grand Launch at the World Trade Center – Nov. 18 and 19, 2006

Everyone, brace yourselves, for the Broadcast Station has just opened its gates. The biggest online dance party is about to begin!

IP e-Games, the company behind the country's No.1 Musical Game, O2 Jam, is proud to announce the launch of Audition Dance Battle Philippines, the latest hit for music gamers everywhere!

Witness the much-awaited arrival of Audition, in partnership with Hero TV's Hataw! Hanep! Hero Anime Fair, to be held at the World Trade Center on November 18 and 19, starting 10 am.

Simply present an e-Games top-up card and take part in all the mini-games, demos, and unlimited free play at the e-Games booths and its120-strong desktop PCs!

E-Games is also launching the Audition Nationwide Dance Competition, and is hosting live performances from Audition champs All-Star Dancers, and EMI's latest hitmaker, Hilera!

Are you worthy of so much fun? Find out for yourself in the Audition Dance Battle Philippines Grand Launch!

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AuditionPH set to groove on Market! Market!

Brace yourselves for a taste of Audition madness on November 11 as it takes part with the MTV Music Summit Mall Tour at the Market! Market! from 1 to 5 pm.

Get ready for a preview of this online dance craze in the e-Games booth, where we’ll be providing displays and demo games. You can also have the chance to win spiffy e-Games goodies upon registering.

But there’s more up our sleeves, folks! If you have the right moves and you can groove to the beat, sign up for the on-the-spot dance showdown and strut your stuff on the dance floor.


* The game is composed of 3 categories: Easy, Moderate, and Hard.
* Each category will be composed of 3 players.
* A video will be played for each category, and the 3 participants will try to imitate and dance with the characters in the video.
* Participants for each round who gives the best performance win and gets to take home 300 PHP worth of EP card and Audition goodies
* Non-winning participants still take home 100 PHP worth of EP card and Audition goodies.

So what are you waiting for? Join us for the hippest dance party for a good cause. After all, the music summit is part of the MTV Live AIDS Event that’s set to come at ya this December.

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AuditionPH To Open/Launch on December 14?

A gamer in AuditionSEA was telling the people, especially Filipino gamers that AuditionPH will soon Open/Launch on December 14 (which is one month from now). This gamer claimed to be working for E-Games Philippines and have an Uncle working with the said company as well.

True or not? We'll see.

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My First Perfect x12

My first "Perfect x12" in Audition Dance Battle, a jump from "Perfect x9".

And as you can see, my character now have a decent dress. Thanks to PayPal, I can now buy stuff internationally (you must have a credit card).


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