Audition Grand Launch at the World Trade Center – Nov. 18 and 19, 2006

Everyone, brace yourselves, for the Broadcast Station has just opened its gates. The biggest online dance party is about to begin!

IP e-Games, the company behind the country's No.1 Musical Game, O2 Jam, is proud to announce the launch of Audition Dance Battle Philippines, the latest hit for music gamers everywhere!

Witness the much-awaited arrival of Audition, in partnership with Hero TV's Hataw! Hanep! Hero Anime Fair, to be held at the World Trade Center on November 18 and 19, starting 10 am.

Simply present an e-Games top-up card and take part in all the mini-games, demos, and unlimited free play at the e-Games booths and its120-strong desktop PCs!

E-Games is also launching the Audition Nationwide Dance Competition, and is hosting live performances from Audition champs All-Star Dancers, and EMI's latest hitmaker, Hilera!

Are you worthy of so much fun? Find out for yourself in the Audition Dance Battle Philippines Grand Launch!


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