Audition Philippines 1st Competition

On the 19th of November, 2006, 5 in the afternoon of Sunday, Audition Philippines (AuditionPH) held its first AuditionPH Contest. It was held on the last day of the Hataw! Hanep! HERO! Anime Convention where the game's Philippine publisher is the top sponsor/partner.

There were thirty players who signed up, enough to create five groups for the elimination round (six players each group). The elimination round setup was Normal Individual mode with a Random (Easy) song setting.

The winners for the quick elimination (in the alphabetical order): ayachii, DDRmaniac, Naksyo, orlanix, and Seraphim (yours truly). Then the finals...

The final round was setup in the Choreography mode with the song setting of Random All. Winners are taken if they acquire two wins. After that, all "win" scores are reset and the second winner is again taken with two wins, until there are a total of three winners.

The first winner is ayachii, winning two consecutive wins. It was a tough game as we both beat each other up from the number one spot (in-game), and with the contestants already "stiffy" because of cold hands, not that its so cold in the event area, but the battle is heating that our blood started to cool down, wait that's contradictory, anyway, you get the picture.

The second winner is Seraphim, or me ;) and the third winner is orlanix.

Congratulations to ayachii and orlanix and the rest of the brave AuditionPH contestants, we made one heck of a show that put Audition Philippines quickly to the top.

See you all in-game !!

You can watch the match videos I was able to send to my email, as well as see some pictures my supportive and sweet honey Sherlene took.

(I will be posting the videos tomorrow.)


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