AuditionPH 1st Competition Game Videos

Here are the in-game video of the 1st Competition of Audition Philippines.

Read: AuditionPH 1st Competition

* If you have an AuditionPH client, download the video zip file and unzip it to the "RECDATA" folder of your Audition installation (usually C:/Program Files/e-Games/Audition/RECDATA/). NOTE: This one have four video files.
-> Zip File for AuditionPH Client.

* If you want to watch it via YouTube, now...
Finals 1st Match

Finals 2nd Match

* If you want to watch it in a high-res video using your favorite video player download the zip files below:
-> Finals 1st Match (HighRes)
-> Finals 2nd Match (HighRes)

~~First Video Details~~
BGM: Audition "Driving At Night" (random setting)
Speed: 140bpm
Mode: Choreography

~~Second Video Details~~
BGM: Audition "3254 Techno Party" (random setting)
Speed: 142bpm
Mode: Choreography


Also read: AuditionPH 1st Competition


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for AuditionUS list song... do you have AuditionPH and Korean Audition list song...?

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