Valentine's Day patch for AuditionSEA

Valentine's Day patch for AuditionSEA

Boy VS Girl Battle
Battle it out with the opposite gender in our Boy VS Girl Battle! This battle will only be activated when there are equal number of boys and girls in the stage arena under any versus mode. Have a good laugh in this battle as the losing team will be transformed into penguins!

NPC Team Battle Party
NPC Battle Party will never be boring with this new NPC Team Battle Party! 3 NPCs will be waiting for you to challenge them! There will be 3 rounds to clear and in order to proceed with each round, you and your friends will need to defeat every NPC.

Couple Dance – Couple Party for 3!
Couple Dance Mode has always been 1 couple VS 1 couple. This time, 3 couples will be able to dance together on the dance floor, competing for the win!

New Item – Initialize the battle party
Getting lesser and lesser dens after challenging the same NPCs again and again in NPC Battle Party Mode? Get the latest cash item, Initialize the battle party and reset all the NPC dens to the original dens as if you have joined NPC Battle Party for the first time!

Here’s how:
1) Purchase “Initialize the battle party” item in the Fashion Mall, under “Accessories”
2) Go to “My Items”
3) Select “Initialize the battle party” item and click on “USE” located on the bottom left.

Please take note that “Initialize the battle party” item is available for one-time usage only per account.


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