AuditionUS - Song List

AuditionUS - Song List
as of April 7, 2007 Saturday (ACT [ASEAN Common Time])

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Audition Dance Battle - US version

If you don't know it yet, the hottest craze in the world, and truly one of the games competing head-on with World of Warcraft, has now landed on US shores - Audition Dance Battle US is now open for well, Audition.

Nexon US is the publisher for the US version of Audition, and I must say that, as someone who's living in the Philippines, influenced by both the Western and Eastern world, it is a good break and change to hear familiar English songs from Audition.

Go check it out, download it, and see you in-game!

AuditionUS Official Website

Oh, use Internet Explorer 6 or 7, the site is using ActiveX control ;) It's the "Korean"-way of launching online games, get used to it.

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More new stuff & sounds for better dance groovin

Audition just keeps getting better and better! This time around, we’re bringing in more of the good stuff for your online dancing pleasure! Make your avatar stand out on the dance floor with these new fashion picks that will surely complement your stylish dance moves.

Female Avatar (click to view!)
Face - Clear Sky 8 EP
Hair - Pink Capped Hair 57 EP
Top - Printed Tank Top 46 EP
Bottom - Ensemble Shorts 20 EP
Shoes - Ensemble Shoes 57 EP

Male Avatar (click to view!)
Face - Blush Blush 8 EP
Hair - Punk 34 EP
Top - Trendy Orange Jumper 46 EP
Bottom - Trendy Black Chained Pants 31 EP
Shoes - Formal Shoes 8 EP

And because we know Audistas are musically inclined gamers, so we’re adding more dance tracks to the Music Gallery. Sweet! Now you can synchronize your moves and start dancing to these awesome Kpop tunes.

New Songs
Jewelry - Aged 1492 112BPM
Jewelry - How Are You 110BPM
Ji Yoon Park - Steal Away 101BPM
Jung Hyun Lee - I'll Give 142 BPM
Sharp - That's All Right 118BPM

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Welcome to Dancing to Audition


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